Bruce Volz | President & Co-owner

President & Co-owner

As Co-owner and President of VCA, Bruce Volz has partnered with Tony Clarke for more than twenty five years. After completing the furniture program at Leeds Design Workshop, Bruce did a stint as an instructor, but was lured away to work for Wendell Castle, often credited as being the father of the art furniture movement in the twentieth century. Bruce acknowledges that his experience working with such a well-renowned figure gave him the confidence to pursue woodworking as a career.  After a few years on his own, he partnered with Tony to form VCA. Early significant commissions, from architects such as Robert A.M. Stern and Thierry Despont launched VCA on the path it still follows today: realizing extraordinary designs for exceptional architects and interior designers. Bruce is very proud of the company he and Tony have built, but humbly credits his coworkers and clients for VCA’s ongoing success.